Patticake Wagner

Hi There! I am Patti. I started an Instagram account in 2015 and with little thought, gave myself the handle Patticakewagner which has stuck with me :)

I am a former product designer who has an immense passion for homes, interiors and renovations. Together with my husband, Brian, we thoughtfully renovate old properties in Minneapolis, Minnesota and turn them into boutique rentals. Brian scouts the location, reviews the financial impact and technicalities and I work on the space plan, design, potential partnerships and sourcing the products. At times, we use our own sweat equity (mostly Brian) but we do have a small team of contractors that bring our vision to life. Our hope is that every person that occupies our dwellings can have the same enthusiasm and appreciation for all the work that goes into preserving old homes & buildings.

You’ll also find weekly home shots of our neighborhood strolls, our never ending house projects, #1927WagnerTudor and little glimpses into our family life because we don’t want people to lose sight of the human connection that delivers the content. 

We love working with brands, big and small, that fit naturally into our lifestyle so please don’t hesitate to reach out!