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Pink Bedroom Makeover Reveal for Our Two Girls Shared Room

Last week, I shared a post on my Instagram of the pink bedroom makeover reveal for our two girls’ shared room. They love it so much! I’m going to break down the three key changes that really made a difference in their shared room.

There were also lots of questions that I couldn’t cover within my stories so I’m sharing it all here with lots of before and after photos as well. Read here for the design direction on paint color and decor. And keep scrolling for answers to frequently asked questions.


As a reminder, this is where we started with their room. Nothing bad at all. But now that the girls are older, it just lacked their personal touch.



Now their room is more of a reflection of them. A soft pink room with horse and cow artwork, floral touches and feels more cozy. All the things they requested!


These are the three key changes that really made a big difference in their shared bedroom makeover.

  1. Painting the walls in Farrow & Ball Pink Ground. Switching up paint color can give a dramatic update to any room. It was important to get our girls’ input on the color. But there are hundreds to choose from for each color. As parents, you can pick a few options (I say no more than four) that you can live with but still fits their request.

  2. Raising the curtains. Why didn’t we do this initially? Their bedroom has an 8’ ceiling height so this simple change made it feel bigger! We used our old curtains from IKEA that were removed from our bedroom French doors so this change didn’t cost us anything.

  3. Switching out the rug. We got this vintage rug from Twenty Third By Deanne. This is an amazing small decor shop with beautifully curated selections. This soft neutral colored rug works so well with their pink walls. Deanne’s shop just dropped some new rugs, along with a cozy boucle pillow collection so check it out! Now I just need to grab my favorite rug pad and we’re good!

More Before & After Photos

Their pink bedroom is so darling with a touch of elegance and will grow gracefully with them.


What’s the paint color?

Answer: Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

Are the bed frames a twin size?

Answer: Yes

Why did you not paint the trim?

Answer: We originally thought about it but decided we wanted the white contrast on the trim. Plus, it would be a lot of work to sand down all the trim to repaint. And would be more work if we decided to paint the room down the road. Also keep in mind, Farrow & Ball is more expensive than most paint .

Will you be painting the ceiling?

Answer: No. We think it could look nice with it being painted but we also love it without so didn’t feel the need for the extra added work.

What happened with the new flush mount lighting?

Answer: It’s on backorder! We ordered this Scallop Flush Mount

Where are their toys?

Answer: The girls only keep books and their dollhouse items in the room. The rest of their toys are in our family + playroom. We’ve pretty much kept this rule from the beginning and it has been really good for all of us. For one, it minimizes the mess and two, the kids are not overwhelmed/over stimulated so they are more intentional with their activities.

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Product Sources:

paint color: Farrow & Ball Pink Ground

trim color

bed frame

sheet set


vintage throw pillows from Twenty Third by Deanne

vintage rug from Twenty Third by Deanne


night stand is no longer available but I recommend this

horse artwork

bookcase with legs (used to be in our playroom)

cow artwork

faceted curtain rod are no longer available but I recommend this

curtains are from ikea but these are similar

wardrobe armoire is from Ikea. similar one here


gingham large pillow


sound machine

Essentials: Tuft & Needle mattresses, waterproof mattress protectors, memory foam youth pillows


Sweetest Regards, Patti