Holiday Mugs and Hot Chocolate Night Ideas

Every year we have our annual hot chocolate night! It’s something our family looks forward to, especially the kids. It’s a great way for our family to connect and feel warm + cozy during the cold MN winters.

Hot chocolate night is always more fun with festive mugs so I rounded up some of my favorites for the entire family. And if you’re looking for a new spin on your hot chocolate nights, I included four amazing recipes that you should try out!


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Adult Holiday Mugs:

  1. Bundled Up Monogram Mug

  2. Monogram Mug

  3. Very Mery Mugs

  4. Santa Mug

  5. Mistletoe Mug

  6. Get Jolly Mug

  7. Snow Much Fun Mug

I used to design seasonal mugs and kids mugs (holds about 13 oz or less) tend to be harder to find because they have to go through strict testing protocols to be labeled as “kids mugs” from retailers but you can search under “mini mugs” for kid-size mugs as well.


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Kids Holiday Mugs:

  1. Animal Mugs

  2. Gingerbread House Mug

  3. Etched Lace Pattern (Red) Mug

  4. Gingerbread Women Mug

  5. Jolly Duo Penguin

  6. Joy to the World Mug

  7. Merry and Bright Mug

  8. Gnome Mugs

  9. Santa Mugs

Yummy Hot Chocolate Recipes

All of these recipes are great for family hot chocolate nights like ours! If you want to make hot chocolate for a large crowd, the crockpot is the way to go! it is great for keeping it warm and you can make enough for everyone at the holiday party!

Gingerbread Hot Chocolate:

This recipe from Natalie’s Health is such a fun take on hot chocolate. Gingerbread and hot chocolate is such a great combo for the holidays!


Vegan Mint Hot Chocolate:

Mint and chocolate are a match made in heaven! this recipe is from Create Mindfully, it uses almond milk but you could totally use regular milk too.


image from Create Mindfully

Candy Cane Hot Chocolate:

Another fun holiday combo: candy cane and chocolate. Recipe from Joy Food Sunshine


image from Joy Food Sunshine

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate:

Perfect for all the white chocolate lovers! the peppermint is such a fun flavor to mix with hot chocolate. The recipe is from Gimme Some Oven


image from Gimme Some Oven

Sweetest Regards, Patti