January Favorites

January sure flew by and now we’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day festivities. Last month wasn’t ideal with Brian getting sick and school returning to distance learning but we got through it! We’re all healthy and I’m determined to make this a good year. Here’s what we covered this month if you missed it:

January Favorites

I love sharing products that I’m excited about, bring me joy or were just plain ol’ helpful like Jack’s potty watch :)! Here’s a round up of my favorite products that you also loved, too!

1. Guava Scented Candle. Comes in other scents but this one is my favorite from that collection.

2. Ceramic Pitcher Vase. It’s a darling 8.5” smaller size vase that I can float around from room to room. Love the handle!

3. Milton Road Flush Mount. It’s designed by Thomas O’Brien and we ordered in the antique brass It will be the perfect swap for our bedroom light.

4. Comfy Loungewear/Sleepwear. When Brian was sick and I was solo parenting + doing distance learning, I treated myself to some cute loungewear/sleepwear sets since I only owned mismatched old shirts and sweats. Love this set from Abercrombie and Fitch and ordered this cute one, too. Makes a big difference in my attitude to wear things that make me feel good!

5. Cambridge Handwoven Wool Rug. Got this for under our bed and it’s so soft and plush. It’s a nice neutral serene color. Sound can really travel in older homes so having rug pads and thick rugs for the upstairs is key. Most wool rugs will shed initially when you get them but this one surprisingly hasn’t shed much at all.

6. Metal Vintage Style Brass Mirror. I got this pretty mirror to hang in our foyer and it makes that tiny space look bigger! Mirrors can give that illusion. It’s a great quality, has great reviews and compared to other mirrors in this style – it’s a true value at $129.99!

7. Sherpa Mule Slippers. We don’t wear shoes inside our home so these are nice house slippers. I was afraid with only two sizing available that these would be big but they’re not at all! And they stay on comfortably.

8. Milk Glass Schoolhouse Style Flush Mount. This was one of the flush mounts we considered for our bedroom. The maker is a small shop called Olde Brick Lighting and they have stellar reviews with very reasonable prices. Give them a browse if you’re looking for some beautiful lighting.

9. Potty Training Watch. Jack has been ready to start potty training for months. His teachers are good with keeping him on schedule but we were dropping the ball at home. They recommended a potty watch and after researching, Brian landed on this one. Jack’s been feeling proud wearing it and it’s been a good reminder for us at home. A total win!

10. Sherpa Hightop Sneaker. I got these from Evereve and they look so good for running errands! They’re super comfortable and warm enough for the cold but don’t make my feet sweat. They’re currently 68% off ($49!) right now so run!!!

11. Linen Duvet Cover Set. I compared the price and reviews from 4 difference sources and this one came out on top so I bought it! And it did not disappoint. The quality is nice and this olive color was one of the big reasons I got it. It comes in 7 color options and about 60% less than other brands. It’s only been through one wash but so far I give it a thumbs up!

12. Good American Good Curve Jeans. A few months ago, I donated a lot of my jeans – most were low rise. After that, I was left with jeggings and a couple of my Zara and Levi’s that I like but gets saggy after wearing a few hours in. This Good Curve jeans hug so well! Mine is size 00. My newest pair that I’d recommend is this high rise super skinny jeans that I got a week ago.

13. Faux Olive Tree. This one is 48” tall and would look good in any room. The quality and reviews are really good, too!

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Sweetest Regards, Patti