Fleece-Lined Leggings & Tights for Cold Weather Wardrobe

Looking for the perfect affordable fleece-lined leggings and tights to add to your cold weather winter wardrobe? I’ve tested and reviewed 7 pairs of leggings and tights lined with fleece to share with you.


When it comes to winter here in Minnesota, you have to be prepared for extreme cold weather and snow. After living here for over 10 years, I’m learning to be smarter about dressing for the cold and making the most of it! I set out to find the best affordable fleece-lined leggings and tights and breaking it down to share with you. Fleece-lined leggings and tights are perfect for everyday wear and since cold weather doesn’t end until May here, you’ll find me in these until then. Let’s dive into it – get ready to cue the Pinterest winter wardrobe inspiration and just outfit ideas in general to help you tolerate the cold while still looking effortlessly cute!

The lineup:

Yogalicious lux leggings
Willit leggings
90 degrees leggings
Roma story tights in nude color
Chrleisure tights/leggings
A new day fleece lined leggings
A New Day ribbed  tights

The breakdown:


Yogalicious Lux Fleece Leggings

*Update: may be sold out.  Check this link for their new design without pockets

Target is a great place for affordable stylish home items to comfy clothing. These leggings fit right into that expectation. With an AMAZING price of $19.99, a huge color selection, and an almost perfect fit – you cannot go wrong with this!

Price: $19.99

Reviews: 5 stars out of 9 reviews

Color Selections: Khaki, Black, Blue, Deep Gray, Greige, Navy Blue, Purple, White, Red

Size Range: X-Small to 3x-Large

Material Breakdown: Polyester & Spandex; Very Soft

Fit Description: High Rise; Perfectly Snugged and comfortable in waist

Status: Keep


Willit Women's Fleece Lined Leggings Water Resistant Thermal Winter Pants Hiking Yoga Running Tights High Waisted

Willit Fleece Lined Leggings

With almost a perfect 5 star rating from 1,197 individuals, these fleece lined leggings (and water resistant!) really grabbed my attention. While the price was affordable, I found the fit to be a mixed review. The waist was good in terms of holding in my mid section, but the knees were saggy. They were buttery soft, but the crotch area was loose fitting. The overall cut wasn’t great for me and while my legs were comfortable, the top band not being seamless made it uncomfortable.

Price: $30.99

Reviews: 4.5 stars out of 1,197 reviews

Color Selections: Khaki, Black, Blue, Deep Gray, Greige, Navy Blue, Purple, White Red

Size Range: X-Small to 3x-Large

Material Breakdown: Polyester & Spandex; Soft

Fit Description: High Rise; Saggy in knees & crotch

Status: Return


90 Degrees Fleece Lined Leggings

With a strong look comparison to the previous two sets, I was intrigued to see how this one would compare. At first, the fit appeared to be good and held in my mid section nicely. However, the top band wasn’t seamless and so uncomfortable! But the biggest bummer was that the material was kind of scratchy feeling and not soft.

Price: $29.99

Reviews: 4 stars out of 20 reviews

Color Selections: Black, Pavement, Poseidon, Evening Blue, Purple, Rhubarb

Size Range:X-Small to 2x-Large

Material Breakdown: Polyester & Spandex; Not Soft

Fit Description: High Rise; Not Comfortable

Status: Return


Roma Story Fleece Tights

I wanted nude colored tights to wear under my dresses and was excited to try this because the description says warm and thick. These look like classic tights and are high-waisted. Unfortunately, the cut was not great (loose around the ankles) and the fit was uncomfortable.

Price: $24.95 (currently on sale for $16.99)

Reviews: 4 stars out of 12,565 reviews

Color Selections: Black, Brown, Khaki, Purple, Wine Red

Size Range: Small-Medium

Material Breakdown: Polyester Blend; Semi Soft

Fit Description: High-Rise; Not Comfortable

Status: Return


Chrleisure Fleece Lined Tights / Leggings

I wanted warm black tights that I could wear under a dress or an oversized sweater that didn’t look like athleisure wear. These were super comfortable and in general fit well but there isn’t a tag and they look exactly the same from both sides. Which meant it was difficult to determine the front from the back. Although this one had a strong perfume smell, I really liked that they could be worn as leggings or pulled down to cover my heels to act more like tights.

Price: $16.95

Reviews: 4.5 stars out of 13,294 reviews

Color Selections: Black, Gray, Beige, Translucent, Red, Brown

Size Range: X-Small / Small or Medium / Large

Material Breakdown: Polyester & Spandex; Very Soft

Fit Description: High-Rise; Pretty Comfortable

Status: Keep


A New Day Fleece Lined Leggings

Sometimes you just want a pair of leggings that will never be for a workout. These are that perfect pair for everyday casual wear. The overall fit was seamless and at a good price. My only negative was that the fleece was not as soft.

Price: $18.00

Reviews: 4 stars out of 116 reviews

Color Selections: Heather Gray, Brown, Charcoal, Burgundy, Olive, Navy

Size Range: S/M, L/XL, 1X, 2X

Material Breakdown: Cotton, Polyster & Spandex; Pretty Soft

Fit Description: High-Rise Cut & Ankle Length; Good Fit

Status: Keep


A New Day Ribbed Fleece Tights

This was another option for nude colored tights. Since the other pair didn’t work out, I was hoping these would do the trick. It had a nod to a vintage look with a chic feel. They were a good fit, holding my midsection in nicely. The fleece lining was nice and soft. The ankle area was not loose like the other pair. For the price, this was a great option! I love that I can wear dresses in the winter with these on!

Price: $12.00

Reviews: 4 stars out of 18 reviews

Color Selections: Black or Oatmeal

Size Range: S/M, M/L, L/XL

Material Breakdown: Ribbed Fabric; Super Soft

Fit Description: High-Rise and Opaque; Good Fit

Status: Keep


Now that I’ve reviewed all seven pairs of fleece lined leggings and tights…drumroll…

Overall Winner: Yogalicious lux leggings

*Update: may be sold out.  Check this link for their new design without pockets

These are perfect for a winter date night or to spend time in our renovated basement when it’s all completed!

Reader Favorites: Athleta Tight  (RainierPolartec)

You shared your favorite fleece lined leggings and tights in my Instergram poll and the Athleta Tight was the clear favorite! They have the Rainier with the brushed soft interior and Polartec specifically for cold weather climates. They’re more of a splurge than those I reviewed but could be worth checking out!

Image number 1 showing, Rainier Tight  Image number 1 showing, Altitude Stash Tight in Polartec&#174 Power Stretch&#174


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