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House Projects That We Accomplished in 2020

Like so many, last year was a hard one. But also, a lot of good came out of a bad year and in today’s blog post, I wanted to highlight all of the wonderful home projects we accomplished. This year, I want to focus more on celebrating the good and less on dwelling. Read through and let me know which was your favorite! Don’t forget to scroll until the end to hear what projects we plan to tackle this year. Because one bathroom remodel just isn’t enough…

1. Living Room Makeover – Phase 2 (read more here)

patticakewagner_living room makeover.jpg


patticakewagner living room makeover_crate and barrel_leanne ford.jpg


Our living room is long and narrow. Since we moved in, we’ve been stumped on how to configure it. But we didn’t want to rush and buy new furniture just to fill the space. So we broke up the makeover into two phases. Read Phase 1 here and Phase 2 here. It may have taken us 8 years to get to this point but we are so happy with the purpose it’s provided!

2. Fireplace Makeover (see more images here)

patticakewagner fireplace refresh_before.jpg
patticakewagner fireplace refresh_after.JPG

We really wanted to find a way to enhance our original stone fireplace. This mantle we purchased from a small shop was the perfect piece! And that large arched mirror was just the right size to pull the fireplace together. Bonus that it matches the arch of our front door so nicely!

3. Backyard Garden (read more here)

patticakewagner backyard garden makeover


patticakewagner backyard garden makeover


Can you even believe we pulled this backyard garden together in less than two days?! I guess you can accomplish a lot when you have no where to go. This little spot is no longer an eyesore between our home and our neighbor’s. It’s been very rewarding, especially being able to harvest our own veggies. Our girls think it’s the coolest!

4. Guest Bedroom Refresh (see more photos here)

patticakewagner guest bedroom makeover_before 4jpg.jpg
patticakewagner guest bedroom makeover_after 4.JPG


We were ecstatic to have our first guests since the lockdown but the guest bedroom that doubles as Brian’s office was in no position to welcome anyone. It had become a dumping ground and we needed to badly organize and spruce it up! Once we decluttered, first on the list was replacing the “boob” light with the oh so pretty Lydia flush mount by Mitzi and adding sconces. Then we warmed up the space with this rich colored rug. Now it’s guest ready!

5. Laundry Room Remodel (read more here)

patticakewagner laundry room makeover
patticakewagner laundry room makeover


This laundry room remodel was a labor of love! I’m past due in writing my blog post for Part 2 of this remodel so look out for that shortly! This room used to be our old galley kitchen. We love the original cabinets that had yellowed and worn-out over time. Brian painstakingly sanded them down and it took some trial and error to get the right stain color. At a glance, it may not seem like we did much but a lot of love was put forth to restore and preserve its original character. It was important to us to give it a proper makeover while still honoring the history of our Tudor style home. See more before and after photos here and all the affordable tile options we considered for the backsplash here.

6. Dining Room Makeover (read more here)

Patticakewagner dining room 2.jpg


When we moved into our house in December of 2011, we used dining furniture given to me by an old co-worker that was more suited for a dorm space. We’ve come a long way since then and you can read more about our journey with this space here. While it was more focused on furniture pieces rather than redesigning the space, it showcases how the right furniture can have a big impact on space.

Looking back and recapping what we accomplished during a very tough year makes me proud. I’m glad we put our energy into making our a home a more enjoyable place. So what’s next for this year? We’re excited to…

  • wrap up the en-suite bathroom renovation

  • finish the garage attic remodel

  • give our powder room a refresh

  • turn an unused back entry into my office

  • finish our landscape install in spring

  • give our patio a major facelift

We love sharing our house projects with you and can’t wait to hang out in my IG stories! You all are simply the best! Thanks for being here with us!

Patti & Brian

Sweetest Regards, Patti