Thursday Thoughts: New HGTV Show, Ditsy Floral Dresses, Etsy Vintage Rug Shops + More


Happy Thursday!

1) The secret is out! I’m over the moon that I finally got to share my exciting news and overwhelmed by your support. I’m so thankful for all of you! If you missed the announcement on my Instagram, you can check out the trailer for my new HGTV show, RENTFLUENCER, here. With a catchy name like that, you’ll have to tune in! You can catch each episode on HGTV’s IGTV every Wednesday at 11:00am CT. The first episode airs next Wednesday on 9/1 and you don’t have to set your DVR.

I’ll share a post with FAQs next week. If you’re on Instagram, search “RENTFLUENCER” or “PATTICAKEWAGNER” for some fun stickers/GIFS that you can use if you want to share the show on your stories.

2) Where’s the dress from? So many of you had questions about the dress that I was wearing from my announcement post. I discovered it randomly (maybe on Pinterest) and purchased from a site called Hello Molly. Unfortunately, that exact dress is no longer available, but I’m sharing a few ditsy floral dresses with sleeves below.

patti wagner hgtv rentfluencer host.JPG


Click on slideshow to see dress options.

3) Summer is coming to an end. If you’re visiting or a local trying to enjoy every last bit of summer, don’t forget to check out my guide of things to do in and around the Twin Cities.

4) Owning Rentals FAQs. I haven’t forgotten about this! It’s been a little crazy around here and I haven’t had time to review all of your questions. There were so many and I want to make sure I compile a one-stop helpful post.

5) Exterior Painting for the #StuccoFarmhouseTriplex. We got some back some more bids and have made our decision on a painting company! We always advise getting multiple bids for renovation work. The lowest bid isn’t always the best choice and the highest bid doesn’t always mean the best quality job. You’ll want to ask a lot of questions and ask to see their previous work. Check out my Pinterest Board for some exterior paint color ideas I’ve been dreaming up!

6) Vintage Rug Deals. A few weeks ago, I shared some Etsy shops with vintage rugs at good prices and some of you asked for that info again. I’ve purchased a rug from ZDkilimpillow shop and can say that it was a pleasant experience. Here are some rugs I’ve rounded up!

Don’t miss this – Amazing new arrivals for the home:

Sweetest Regards, Patti