Thursday Thoughts: Setting Boundaries, Establishing a Work Schedule, a Cute Olive Pillow + More…

Awhile back, I tried doing something called The Friday Five to be consistent about sharing a weekly post but that didn’t work out so well. I saw other bloggers with this exact same series and instantly felt unoriginal…

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So I sat on it for a bit and that’s how Thursday Thoughts came about! Now that I have a social media assistant to help me with my website (did you meet Miss Joan Joan on my insta yesterday?), I can focus on sharing more content on my site with helpful details that can’t be captured elsewhere .

Thursday Thoughts is a series where every Thursday, I’ll do a blog post with some insightful nuggets and info + links that you may have missed. I have a lot that goes on in my mind that I want to share but I’m better at writing them out than speaking. Here are my Thursday Thoughts to kick off (they won’t be as long but I’m getting out all the thoughts for this first one)…

1) BOUNDARIES. I want to have a healthy/good relationship with my work and home. I worked crazy hours as a product designer and that’s not sustainable having a young family of my own. But having social media as a part of my work is tricky. It’s hard to know when to turn it off especially when all the popular Instagrammers/bloggers are always on. It made me feel like I’m slacking off.

After months (okay maybe years) of contemplating and sharing my vulnerable thoughts of comparison in my IG stories, I came to the realization that having boundaries is so important. Way more important than trying to be popular or keep up on social media. I want to use SM to share my design ideas, my work and my projects but not put my life out there for show, daily. When I don’t set boundaries, I’ve learned how easily it can consume me. Which means, as a work from home mom, being intentional about my time is key. And that takes me to…

2) ESTABLISHING A WORK SCHEDULE. First thing I want to implement is establishing a work schedule. My oldest is home all day with me during the summer but my two youngest are at a neighborhood center three days a week. Moving forward, you can expect to see me “pop up” on your page M-F but Wednesday and Friday will be more pre-planned content so I can be present with the kiddos. Saturday – Sunday, I’ll be signing off 🙂. The weekends are when my social media engagement are at their highest but it’s also when we’re all home together. I can’t sacrifice that for the sake of keeping up. However, I could do pre-planned content to recap the week on Sunday for those that may have missed it – TBD.

I do believe that keeping a consistent calendar is ideal for me (can’t speak for others) and it let’s you know what you can expect from me.

Now that I have that off my chest to hold myself accountable, lets get to the fun stuff!

3) TODDLER OUTFITS. Have you seen the Q by Quincy Mae Collection from Target? It’s adorable + affordable! I picked up a couple of pieces for Jack.

4) #STUCCOFARMHOUSETRIPLEX. If you missed the tour of our newest farmhouse style rental property, you can find it here!

5) FALL DECOR. I like to enjoy summer until the end so I haven’t thought much about fall. But I just bought this fall-ish vibe pillow because I’m all about the olive color and it’s on clearance for $19.97 (reg $49.95) and ships free! Here are some other items I’ve pulled for a subtle fall mood.

6) THE ART OF WEEKENDING. Speaking of taking weekends off, have you read Heather Bullard’s The Art or Weekending? It really resonated with me and gave me the peace to not allow my work to consume me. Give it a read here!


That’s a wrap for my first THURSDAY THOUGHTS. Hope you’re enjoying your week!

Amazing deals to check out this week:

Sweetest Regards, Patti