Best Planners for 2022

by Joan Albrecht

One of the most important decisions you make at the start of the year is what planner to get (see last year’s round up here). It will stick with you for the next 12-18 months so choose wisely! Not only should your planner be something you can look at for the next year. It should be one that works best for your planning needs.

I rounded up some really great planners that range from monthly to daily planning. Depending on how you want to plan your life, from an hour-by-hour schedule to a monthly glance. A lot of these planners also have useful features like meal prepping and goal setting.

Rifle Co. 12 Month Planner 2022


Rifle Co. has so many beautifully designed planners and notebooks. This one is great for weekly planning and it includes a weekly to-do list! Great for those who like to check off a to-do list.

Daily Goal-Setter


This planner is great for goal setting. It has blank daily pages that include sections to write what you are grateful for, daily affirmations, tasks for the day, and a place to reflect on something great that happened that day. Perfect for checking off all of your daily tasks but also remembering to find goodness in each day.

Etsy 2022 Daily Planner


Patti’s choice! It is a daily planner that is perf for planning your day by the hour. It has a task section to help keep you on track and it also has adorable inspirational quotes throughout.

Anecdote Daily Planner 2022


“Not like any other planner”. This planner is great for daily tasks with a to-do list on each page. It also has a section for weekly plans and yearly goals. Great for keeping you on track from day to day as well as reaching your long-term goals.

Verishop Day Planner


Joan’s choice! A chic daily planner that includes an area for keeping track of your meals, groceries, self-care, movement, and even hydration. Perfect for making sure you are maintaining a healthy life-style.

Musings Weekly Planner


A classic weekly planner with a little twist! It includes a section to keep track of your meals, self care, movement, and hydration. Great for making sure you take care of yourself.

Simplified 2022 Daily Planner


One of the most recommended planners! It has a daily spread for getting all your to-do’s organized. There is a weekend spread with a Sunday checklist to get you prepared for the week ahead!

Erin Condren Focused Planner


Another very popular recommendation! This is a great weekly planner to keep you organized. It also includes a section for goals and intentions! Such a great way to keep you on track and motivated.

Sugar Paper Linen Journal


This is such a lovely linen planner. It is a weekly journal with a lot of pages for notes and an area to write down “don’t forget” notes.

Sweetest Regards, Patti