Top 5 Best Low Maintenance House Plants & Cute Planters

by Joan Albrecht

I love taking care of all my plants! It is deff a form of self-care for me. It is amazing how much life and color a plant brings to a room. Here are the best low-maintenance plants, that Patti actually has in her home and recommends, to keep around the house and tips on how to care for them. I also linked some cute planters to complement your house plants!

Top 6 Favorite House Plants:

1) rubber plant

These plants love indirect bright sunlight. They need to be watered about once a week and need their leaves to be regularly cleaned.

2) Dieffenbachia

This spotted beauty can tolerate low light but will grow with more sunlight. It needs to be watered whenever the soil gets super dry.

3) Snake plant

These plants are the king of low maintenance. They can survive in any kind of light but prefer bright indirect sunlight. They can also go a pretty long time without water. I would do about every 10-15 days.

4) Pothos

This vibrant plant loves indirect sunlight but will tolerate low light. They like to have their soil really dried out so it is okay to forgo watering them weekly. When the leaves start getting droopy is the sign that they need to be watered.

5) Jade plant

Jade plants are my fav kind of succulents! They need a couple of hours of direct sunlight a day but they mostly like indirect bright sunlight. Watering depends on how quickly the soil dries so make sure you water it once the soil is completely dried out.

tip: when watering, make sure not to get water on the leaves, excess water on the leaves can lead to rotting.

Tips and Tricks to Help Take Care of Your Plants

  1. Pick a day that you dedicate to watering mine is Water Wednesday’s!

  2. I always like to keep an eye on the soil and depending on the type of plant, it lets me know that it is time for watering. The number one cause of plant death is overwatering so make sure the soil is dry throughout, before watering.

  3. If the plant’s leaves start to get wrinkly or droopy that is another sign to water it.

  4. It is important to make sure the leaves of the plant are cleaned. A lot of them can accumulate dust and dirt. You can easily clean them with a rag!

  5. Make sure you know what kind of sunlight your plant needs! With some plants that are in direct sunlight, it is important to rotate them. This allows all sides of the plant to get exposed to direct sunlight.

Stylish Planters

I love using a mixture of woven baskets, ceramic planters, plant stands, and hanging planters to hold my plants. Here is a round-up of some of my fav styles!

plant stands

Woven Baskets

ceramic, Terracotta, and clay planters

Hanging planters

Cool Apps to Help with Plant Health

  • Planta: the app shows you how to properly water your plants, helps you identity different plants, and tells you the best place to put your plant in your house

  • Florish: this app can help you pick out the perfect plant for your space and can help you care for the plants you already have. It has a light detecting feature you can use to scan your house to see what kind of plants will “flourish” in the lighting you have!

  • Picture This: with just a picture this apps can tell you the name of a plant or flower! it can also tell you how to care for your plant and diagnose any problems with the plant.

  • Gardenia: perfect for people who are just getting into gardening/ finding their green thumbs. this app has a ton of information on over 2000 different plants and flowers. You can use it for your plants that are indoor or outdoor!

  • Blossom: an app that sends you reminders for plant care, lets you track your plant’s progress with a plant journal, and a plan identifier all in one!

Sweetest Regards, Patti