February Favorites

The most loved items from February.



  1. Ventura hat
  2. Linen white pants
  3. Heirloom Rooms book by Erin Napier
  4. Linen blend brown pillow cover
  5. Rattan wood cabinet
  6. Green swimsuit top
  7. Green swimsuit bottom
  8. Suncatcher leave-in conditioner
  9. R+Co pomade for hair flyaways
  10. Yogalicious fleece lined leggings (read the full line up & reviews of  fleece lined leggings here)
  11. Battery operated picture lights
  12. Wool/jute rug
  13. Custom drapery with pleats
  14. Faux hydrangeas
  15. Scalloped swimsuit top
  16. Scalloped swimsuit bottom
Sweetest Regards, Patti