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Jack’s Nursery Transition into a Transportation Themed Big Kid Bedroom

Photos by Wing Ta @canarygrey

Last fall, Jack’s nursery got a makeover into a transporation themed big kid room and I may have teared up a little. He’s our last baby and this transition was bittersweet.

I never got around to doing a blog post on his big kid bedroom and thought it was time. Jack loves tractors, dump trucks, trains, trucks, race cars…basically anything with wheels. I wanted to incorporate a transportation theme that didn’t look busy or scream CARS. Something he would love, could grow with and reflected him but could easily be switched up, yet tastefully designed.

Here’s a look at his nursery before the makeover. You can read more here when we transitioned it from Livy’s nursery.

I really loved his nursery. And if I could, would’ve kept him in his crib for as long as possible lol. But Jack was ready for a big boy bed. He also loves books so we knew we wanted a bookshelf in here with some baskets for his favorite things. The kids’ toys are stored in the playroom but we let them keep a few things in baskets. We want their rooms to be a place of retreat, rest and not overstimulating with toys everywhere. This has worked really well for us to allow each room to have their purpose and not be a space for all things.

Awhile back, I saw the Bodie bed from Crate and Kids and knew it was the perfect bed for Jack’s room when he grew out of his crib. Months before he was fully ready, I was contacted by Crate and Kids. They wanted to help Jack with his big kid room transition and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! We love Crate and Barrel and their family of brands. It has been an absolute dream to be able to work with them.

First thing, we ordered everything way in advance to prepare for the moment. After that, I wanted to switch up the dark accent wall. The Night Watch color was cozy looking and perfect for snuggling a sweet baby. Now that Jack is no longer a baby, the dark moody color would make his tiny room feel cramped with the larger furniture pieces.

Jack loves stripes so I ordered this wallpaper that felt timeless. It’s something that could grow with him into his teen years but if he decides to switch it up down the road, it’s low commitment with just one wall. It was my first time wallpapering and we used pre-pasted wallpaper. I blogged all about how to do this if you’re a first timer, too! Read that here.

For additional wall art, I wanted it to be personal to Jack. He’s obsessed with a book from Brian’s childhood called ‘500 Words to Grow On’. So I decided to scan, print and frame his favorite transportation images from the book. The book was published in the 70’s and you can buy it used here. I love the vintage illustration!

Once the bedroom furniture and accessories arrived, we put it all together and Jack smiled ear to ear when he saw it! He even slept happily straight through in his big kid room for the first night!

Jack has been into solar systems because of his big sisters. When I saw this ceiling light, I knew he would think it resembled a solar system and it was the first thing he mentioned and chuckled!

*Note. I read a couple of reviews on their site about the wiring not fitting through the tube but that was not our experience.

This 6-cube bookcase is the perfect size for all of his books on top and baskets of his favorite things on the bottom.

This room is quite small and we had to really think through with the layout. It’s a bit unconventional having his bed by the windows but we were able to maximize the space with this configuration. He has been sleeping in here since November and we’ve not had any issues with him being cold.

As the icing for his transportation themed bedroom, we surprised Jack with this wooden motorcycle designed by Leanne Ford! He’s all about it!

If you want an over the top transportation themed bedroom, you could incorporate that into the wallpaper/mural, bedding and rug. For a more subtle approach like ours, here’s a summary of what we did which can apply to any theme.

  1. framed artwork with favorite vehicles. scan a photo or draw one out for a more unique touch.

  2. incorporate in decorative pillow like this dump truck one

  3. prop a few of their transportation toys on shelves

  4. display transportation books on floating shelf

  5. be extra and add in a wooden motorcycle rocker 😉

Watch this reel of his room transformation!


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Hope you enjoyed the tour of Jack’s transportation themed big kid bedroom, a room made just for him! We recently installed his Roman shades and I’ll share that once I’m able to shoot some photos.

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Sweetest Regards, Patti