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My New HGTV Show: ‘Rentfluencer’

Last week I announced my new show, Rentfluencer, with HGTV and I’m still in disbelief. Somebody, pinch me! It has been in the making for a little while now and felt so good to let the secret out. You all have blown me away with your support of this show and I wished I could hug each and every one of you.

credit: HGTV; photo by my talented friend and art director for the show, Wing

credit: HGTV; photo by my talented friend and art director for the show, Wing

What I love about this rental makeover concept is that we were really able to make impactful changes within a day without taking down walls or doing major work. We repurposed where we could, reimagined layouts, searched for second hand finds, explored temporary solutions and discovered attainable home items to fit each renter’s style. I really got to flex all of my design tips and tricks so whether you’re a renter or homeowner, I think you’ll find some great ideas!

Here are your FAQs surrounding the show.

Q: When will it be on?

A: Show airs Wednesdays at 9:00am PT / 11:00am CT / 12:00pm ET

Q: Where can I watch it on HGTV?

A: You can watch directly on HGTV’s IGTV! This is their first ever digital series so you can watch whenever you want after it airs on their IGTV! You can easily access the show right from your phone. No need to DVR or have a subscription to streaming channels. Which means…it can be viewed all across the WORLD!

Q: How many Rentfluencer episodes will there be?

A: There will be a total of 6 makeover episodes that cover the bedroom, living room, office/closet, kitchen, backyard and dining room.

Q: Did you come up with the name, Rentfluencer?

A: Nope, but it sure is catchy right? Makes you scratch your head a little?

Q: Are the makeovers really in one day?

A: Yes, all in one day – one long ambitious day! The install is one day but I had a couple of weeks (that’s six makeovers within two weeks to plan) to dream up the design and source products with the help of my super awesome team! We worked really hard to make sure that install day was ready to go! I couldn’t have done this without them. I truly had the best hardest working team.

Q: How were the renters chosen?

A: I worked with our production company to do a casting call locally in addition to their own search. We had an overwhelming response and the network ultimately picked the final six.

Q: Did you have to get permission from the landlords?

A: Absolutely! Once the six renters were finalized, we had to get sign-off from their landlords. As someone who rented for many years and now a landlord myself, it was important that we were respectful of their properties and rules. Each landlord had their own set of rules (like no painting of walls) so I took them all into consideration. Our production team also followed up after the install in case there were issues.

A big part of my passion is also connecting with people. I love hearing each renter’s challenges and style inspirations. Most had a hard time articulating their exact style but what was certain was wanting their space to feel like home. As a former product designer who studied trends and style influences extensively, I was able to piece it all together. It was truly an honor to use my design background to create spaces that would bring people joy because it is my belief that “home is home”, even when you’re renting.

on set. photo by my talented friend and art director for the show, Wing.

on set. photo by my talented friend and art director for the show, Wing.

Looking back on my past, I couldn’t have dreamed of this reality for me today. Thank you for cheering me on, friends! Your support and encouragement is appreciated beyond words. And your likes, comments and shares of the IGTV trailer means the world to me. I’m incredibly excited for Episode 1 to air this Wednesday at 11:00 CT! Hope you will tune in and spread the word. Don’t forget to search “RENTFLUENCER” or “PATTICAKEWAGNER” for some fun stickers/GIFS that you can use if you want to share the show on your Instagram stories.


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU.


Sweetest Regards, Patti