Rentfluencer Episode 5: Caitlin’s Living Room

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Photos by Canary Gray for HGTV.

On episode 5 of Rentfluencer, I got to do a special living room makeover for Cait. She’s a newly single mom and this room is working overtime as her office, son’s playroom, and her place of relaxation.

This space wears a lot of hats and is very sentimental for her. It is a place of recovery, solace, and new beginnings.


  1. Rearrange furniture to make zones

  2. Provide a play area for Henry

  3. Give Caitlin a workspace

  4. Update window treatments

  5. DIY personalized art and gallery wall

1. Rearrange Furniture to Make Zones

Caits property management company has some pretty strict rules. They won’t allow her to paint the walls but that doesn’t mean we still can’t transform the space.

Reconfiguring layouts is one of my favorite, zero cost ways to switch up a room. I wanted to create a conversation space for Cait with her couch. I loved that her couch was customizable so I switched the chaise section over to help divide the room.

Cait had a hard time articulating her style but was able to describe her fondness of boho-chic and a soft modern vibe. We repurposed and used a lot of her existing furniture. Which meant I was able to splurge on a beautiful accent chair to give her a statement piece and that soft modern look!

2. Provide Play Area for Henry

Before, there was no separation for Henry’s play area and the living room space. The room was a melting pot of all different uses.

To give Henry the perfect play area I set up a console behind the couch and added baskets to help store his toys. This way, he can still be in the same room playing but the mess is a little more contained. I updated Henry’s play table with a fresh coat of black paint. *pro tip: use a small foam roller to give a smooth, professional-looking finish.

3. Give Caitlin a Workspace

I wanted to give Cait a dedicated workspace so that she can store her work away when she was done for the day. I carved out a little corner with an affordable small desk and workspace.

Photo by Canary Gray for HGTV.

4. Update Window Treatments

Cait had linen look curtains that were different lengths. I picked one that was the appropriate length and matched them throughout.

I got her some black curtain rods to balance out the room. Before all of her curtains were hung at different levels so I made sure to raise them all. It helped to give the illusion of taller ceiling height. *tip: floor length curtains should drape slightly on the floor

5. DIY Personalized Art and Gallery Wall

Here’s a simple project to create a custom line drawing using DIY carbon paper made of tissue paper and a number two pencil. Supplies you’ll need: tissue paper, a number two pencil, a black marker, heavy duty paper and your favorite photo (in this case, it was an adorable picture of Cait and Henry holding hands).

  1. First, set the tissue paper over the photo and outline with a number two pencil. Then scribble the outline.

  2. Turn tissue paper over, trace the line drawing to transfer on heavy-duty paper

  3. Then trace over with a black marker.

  4. Lastly frame the art

You don’t have to be an artist to create personalized art for your space. I love this super easy project and it is such a nice touch to the space. Really makes it feel like home.

Before Caitlin’s pictures were hung way too high. With the gallery wall, I hung it at eye level and used black and white picture frames.

6. Final touches

I added a large mirror, some faux and real plants, a boho chic coffee table and some fun pillows to pull together the style Cait had envisioned.

I love how everything pulled together in this room. Her reaction to the reveal was priceless and made me tear up. Cait’s an amazing mom and hard worker who truly deserved this makeover to give her a fresh start!

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