The Friday Five: List of Most Desirable States to Live In Based on My Poll + Four Other Things on My Mind

Hi All! I’m trying to stick to a goal of waking up early and write on my blog to keep my mind fresh. I want to introduce a new Friday routine with you called THE FRIDAY FIVE. It’s a list of five things on my mind that I want to share with you before my weekend break. So let’s get started!

1. The Most Desirable States to Live In??? Just for fun (and because every time temps drop below 0, I question why I live in Minnesota), I put out an unofficial poll on my Instagram on Tuesday asking which state you would love to live in and these were the results!

  1. California

  2. Hawaii

  3. Minnesota (result may be skewed because I have a very high Minnesota following)

  4. Florida

  5. Montana

  6. Tennessee

  7. Arizona

  8. Texas

As for me, I fell in love with Charleston, SC during our visit a few years ago. Would LOVE to live there some day!

Photo I captured of a restaurant front during our trip a few years back.

Photo I captured of a restaurant front during our trip a few years back.

2. Comfiest Kids Jammies: My oldest who is six is quickly growing out of her jammies but doesn’t want ones with characters. She doesn’t like tags or anything that feels weird on her body. We found these ones that came in last week and she loves them! We also got matching ones for all siblings.

3. What House Project Will We Tackle Next? We are making big progress on our ensuite bathroom with the drywall crew coming to mud and tape today. While hiring out certain parts of our renovation saves us time from doing the work, it can also feel like it’s out of our control and at times, not reliable. If you’ve been tuning into my Instagram Stories, you’ll understand!

patticakewagner ensuite bathroom drywall.JPG

Although we are knee deep in renovating our ensuite bathroom and garage attic working with independent contractors for drywall, electric and plumbing work, we are excited to tackle a shorter project that’s all within our control! I’ll share more next week but you can read here where I shared six projects we plan to finish this year. What’s your guess??

4. Need a Rug Pad Rec? Almost every time I put out a question box in my Instagram stories, I get requests for my rug pad link. It’s one of those things I wished I got a long time ago! I was using the polyester waffle rug pads and even though it claims to be “non-slip”, my flat weave rugs were constantly sliding everywhere! If you’re having these issues, check out these ones that I got in the 1/8” thickness.

Why I love them? They are made from 100% recycled fibers, backed with a natural rubber tread instead of plastic or PVC for better grip on floors to prevent from sliding and their felt surface layer has a rough feel to grip rugs, preventing it from bunching.

5. Valentine’s Day Activities with Kids. I’m a little late sharing about this holiday. Before kids, we would just go out for a nice dinner. Now, we make it fun for the kids. It’s simple but our kids love celebrating it. We always hang a garland for decoration, pick up flowers, bake and have the kids dress up in whatever feels like a “love” outfit which usually includes red. We’ll most likely end with hot chocolate and once the kiddos go to bed, mom and dad will have a nice dinner together.

patticakewagner valentines day.jpg

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day weekend!


Sweetest Regards, Patti