Cafe Curtain Update and My Favorite Items in our Ensuite Bathroom

Next week, the long awaited cafe curtains will be installed in our ensuite bathroom! I can’t wait to share that with all of you. While there are still minor outstanding items like oh you know a toilet paper holder, I think we call officially share a full reveal next week once the cafe curtains are in!

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Our curtains are being custom made through a local drapery company. The fabric shown here is not what we’ll be using but they will be 2-finger Euro pleats lined with light filtering fabric. It took me a few tries to find brass curtain rings that were the smaller size. A lot of curtain ring descriptions show the dimensions to describe the curtain rod diameter that the rings will fit around – not the actual ring diameter. I eventually found the perfect ones from Van Dykes Restorers. Living in an older home and renovating our old rental properties, I’ve become very resourceful in sourcing and it feels good to share my sources with you.

3/4” Brass Curtain Rings (inside diameter)

Cafe Curtain Rod

I also did a quick planter swap for our ficus plant because it has outgrown its current one.

Thought I’d share some of my favorite items in our ensuite bathroom that anyone can incorporate if you’re looking to spruce up your own. You can also head to my IG to get some video action of the ensuite bathroom before the cafe curtains are installed!

Product Sources

Framed Artwork

Fluted Concrete Planter in Medium;  Similar Fluted Concrete Planter available for shipping

Faux Ficus Plant (we have a real one b if you don’t have windows, a faux is a good option if you have the space)

Amber Glass Soap Pump (we have the brass pump head but it there are several finishes to choose from)

Turkish Bath Towels

Rustic Black Vase (this is another option, too) that you can fill with some Fall Faux Florals)

Mini Marble Round Tray

Brass Oval Tray with Handle

Can’t wait to share the final reveal of the ensuite bathroom with you next week! (Update: You can see the reveal on my Instagram here)

Sweetest Regards,


Sweetest Regards, Patti