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Jack’s Nursery Finally Feels Complete!

Jack is almost one years old and his nursery never felt complete. Actually, it never felt complete when it was Ava’s or Livy’s nursery either. Funny thing is that I sort of knew what the room needed but never had the energy to get it started.

patticakewagner nursery makeover

The nursery is a cute small room and needed something more than decor to make it stand out. Wallpaper or accent color would make this room go a long way. But since Ava was born, five years ago, we’ve slowed down a bit on doing house projects because even a simple task like testing paint colors can seem overwhelming. It’s just the season in our lives with three young kids, our rental business and a long list of to-do’s. The idea of picking out swatches, testing out colors, putting down a drop cloth and cleaning up stopped me from ever starting the project. So when Home Depot reached out to have me try out their Colorful Experience Paint Kit, I jumped on board to partner!

patticakewagner nursery makeover

The kit includes peel and stick paint swatches with curated palettes inspired by Pinterest! Their non-damaging adhesive backing are repositionable and easy to remove. Which makes picking out our paint color quick and easy with no painting + no clean-up! I picked the Trend Colors Sample Kit because it came with paint colors that I had in mind based on these three images I had pinned.

First Photo Source Here | Second Photo Source Here (DIY in PDX) | Third Photo Source Here (Brepurposed)

Also, these wall colors would nicely compliment the pair of artwork and pom-pom garland that are my favorite pieces in his room. That would be one of my tips in choosing a paint color. If it’s already a furnished room, pick your favorite pieces and choose a paint color that would compliment those pieces.

Pair of rainbow artwork from my friend, Sara Gardner Etsy Shop | Pom Pom Garland from Sheep Farm Felt Etsy Shop

It took a few short minutes for me to peel and stick up the paint swatches! Based on the inspiration images and my favorite items from the nursery, we narrowed down to two paint colors – Night Watch and Blue Willow. After going back and forth, Brian and I made the decision together to go with Night Watch. We headed to the Home Depot as a family to pick up the paint which was quick and easy! We decided on a flat finish.

While I watched the kiddos, Brian prepped the space and went to work painting. Prepping is a very important step to make sure your paint lines are clean and to prevent color bleeding on the trim. Although, with dark colors, that may still happen and you’ll have to touch up after.

patticakewagner paint color nursery .jpg

Brian has done A LOT of painting so is much faster and more meticulous than I am. I’m totally capable of painting but move like a snail to have it perfect. A little confession – I was a bit nervous about the color after we picked it up and even second guessed it.

patticakewagner nursery paint color makeover

However, the instant Brian brushed on the paint, I knew right away that I would love it! The girls were in awe. We did two coats of paint and let it dry overnight before putting back the curtain rod. I was so excited to put things back the next day. The only additional decor we added (besides the little Christmas trees for a seasonal update) was the hanging planter with a trailing pothos plant. I’m just in awe with what paint can do to a room! Are you ready for the color reveal???

Dresser | Vintage Rug | Hanging Planter | Curtains | Curtain Rod | “Night Watch” Paint color from Home Depot | Picture Ledge

Dresser | Vintage Rug | Hanging Planter | Curtains | Curtain Rod | “Night Watch” Paint color from Home Depot | Picture Ledge

Swivel Glider Recliner | Peg Hook | Lighting from Target but no longer available - similar one here

Swivel Glider Recliner | Peg Hook | Lighting from Target but no longer available – similar one here

patticakewagner nursery makeover
patticakewagner nursery makeover

Here’s a side by side of the before and after.

Jack’s nursery finally feels complete and all it took was some painting. The Home Depot Paint Kit with the peel and stick swatches definitely made it much more convenient to jump start the project. I’m all about convenience these days! Of course, the girls loved seeing the nursery painted and now they want their room painted too! I hope this gave you some inspiration to get started on a paint project or if you just couldn’t put your finger on why a room feels incomplete. Paint can truly transform a space and now testing out colors got a whole lot easier!

*If you’re on Instagram, I saved the entire paint project in my highlights on my Patticakewagner page. Head on over to watch!

Sources (Also, see the original nursery project here):

Paint Color: Night Watch from The Home Depot


Swivel Glider Recliner

Hanging Planter

Trailing Pothos Plant

Vintage Rug

Rattan Ceiling Pendant from Target but no longer available – similar one here

Peg Hook

Pom Pom Garland

Custom Pair of Rainbow Artwork from Sara Gardner Etsy Shop

Wood Frames

White Curtains

Curtain Rod

Picture Ledge

Table Lamp from Target but no longer available

Sweetest Regards, Patti